Ritalin Addiction


Ritalin Addiction

Ritalin addiction is something that can literally sneak up on someone – and when it’s a kid that this is happening to often everyone is totally oblivious to the whole situation – as they don’t expect a young child to become addicted to a prescribed medicine.

Ritalin is a stimulant prescription drug that has helped countless of people who are suffering from ADD or ADHD disorders. People who have utilized this drug as prescribed by the doctor have successful got healed of this complication. It is a drug that has made many people be able to concentrate in school, pay attention at job and give people focus. This is something that they couldn’t do before using this drug. Ritalin has found itself into the black market where it is used as a recreational drug. It is illegally abused leading to its addiction.

Ritalin is a very addictive drug owed to the fact that it has amphetamines as its key active ingredient. This is a stimulant substance that has the same effects as cocaine, just “lighter”. When Ritalin is taken in large quantities very fast, it gives the body a calming effect. This is what makes many people abuse it so that they feel relieved off their stress. It is abused by crushing and then snorted through the nose.

If Ritalin is used properly under supervision from medical personnel, it has no side effects but rather balances the chemistry in the body. It works by triggering the endorphins that will allow the users to be alert so as to concentrate in whatever they are doing. The unsupervised use of this drug is what hooks many people to it. If the use of this drug goes far, the user will have the feeling of euphoria.

A person who is caught up in Ritalin addiction will do anything to get it. Kids who are addicted to this medicine will often flip out when they don’t it – and cause a fit. This is a definite warning sign that you need to be aware of.

This is a very addictive drug that when the body gets hooked to it, it is hard to quit. The body will yearn for it to have the euphoria feelings. This is what will force people to do anything to get it. It is easily found among the peers. There are several sources that many people may use to get this drug. People go several sources as long as they get this drug. This is a clear show of addiction.

Another clear show of Ritalin abuse is people ditching school, work and other responsibility to use this drug. When the body gets hooked to this drug, it will yearn for more. This is what forces many people abandon whatever they are doing to look for this drug. The amphetamine component of this drug is quickly addictive. It makes the users feel high. However, these are short lived effects that wear out after some times. This is what forces them to long for more of this drug.

Dramatic mood swings and sleep disruption is another Ritalin addiction symptom. When this drug is introduced into the body, it makes one feel high. After some minutes, these feeling will wear out leaving the abuser restless. This is what affects the sleeping patterns and hence affects the mood. The kind of mood that will prevail in the user will depend on the amount of this drug in the body. Immediately after intake, the abuser will be jovial and energized. After some time, the moods will come down as the feelings wear out.

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