Ritalin Addiction Side Effects


Ritalin Addiction Side Effects

Ritalin is a prescription drug that has proved to have stimulating effects once it has been introduced into the body. This is one thing that has made this drug so addictive. The regular use of this drug can make the body develop a strong craving to it. This is a hard habit to quit. You will be having more craving for the same. Ritalin can stimulate the central nervous system of an individual giving abnormal energy. Addiction to this drug can have bad effects on the body. It can lead to bad physical health complications. Addicts also tend to have physical and psychological dependency to this drug.

Abuse of Ritalin can have severe side effects to individuals. It has proved to cause severe effects on users especially those who use it minus having ADD or ADHD disorder. This drug should be described by a doctor and the dose directed should be adhered to.  Depending on your reaction, your doctor can increase or decrease the dose. Usage of this drug for a very long time can lead negative effects on the body. Some of these effects can be lethal. One of the effects of this drug is addiction. This is the first side effect in which you become a slave of it. Once you become addicted, it will be hard to pull yourself out.

Another side effect is nervousness and insomnia. Ritalin is known to stimulate the nervous system of the body making the user to feel nervous. The use of Ritalin can also lead to suppressed appetite. The addicts of this drug tend to have more craving for this drug at the expense of food. The smell of this drug is also irritating. This is what will suppress the appetite.

Nausea and vomiting are side effects that result from Ritalin use. This drug has a very bad smell. Once you take it, it will react with the body leading to vomiting. If you can reach a point of vomiting, you will experience nausea which is a state where you feel like vomiting. These are feelings that will suppress your appetite.

Dizziness is another common symptom that most addicts of Ritalin complain of. This is the aftermath of energization and alertness. As these feelings wear out, your body will feel tired and dizzy. To get out of this you will need to take more of this drug. The main reason why most people use this drug is to get stimulated. Under some circumstances, the opposite will apply.

The use of Ritalin can also lead to headache. This can be severe or mild depending on the situation. This is normally experienced as the feelings of alertness wears out. There are a number of college students who are engaged in the use of this drug as a study aid. The lack of sleep after using this drug can lead to headache. It can also lead to changed pulse rate hence high blood pressure. Depending on the amount of drug in the blood system, you will experience change in blood pressure.

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