Ritalin Addiction Signs


Ritalin Addiction Signs

Ritalin is a highly addictive drug that is used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). When this drug is used for a long time, it becomes addictive. One thing that makes it addictive is due to improper use. There are a number of people in the modern world who have got hooked to this drug because they use if improperly. Ritalin is among the top prescription drug that is abused. This is because it gives the body stimulating effects. This is what has led to its abuse.

The effects of using this drug are the same as those of using cocaine. It has very strong effects that make the users hyperactive. One of the common sign of Ritalin addiction is the increased amount of drug use. Prolonged use of Ritalin makes the body develop tolerance. This is a state where the body will long for more of this drug to experience the same feelings. When you are at this state, then you are an addict. It is a state where the body yearns for big doses of Ritalin to stimulate it.

When you try to quit Ritalin use and you experience withdrawal symptoms, it is a show of addiction. This is a clear indication that the body can no more operate without being stimulated. Many people who have been using this drug for sometime find it hard to quit. This is because they fear withdrawal symptoms. Among the common symptoms are depression, nausea, vomiting and lack of sleep. Most addicts opt to use more of this drug than experience the pangs of these symptoms.

Research has shown that the use of Ritalin is very addictive. The abuse of Ritalin is what leads to addiction. The use of these drugs against its prescription can be harmful to the body. It stimulates the body giving it pleasure feelings. These feelings makes the addicts feel like they are on their own world. It makes one feel energized and having some magical power. This is what makes Ritalin addictive. It is a common drug among the adolescent who want to experiment it. The main contributing factor to the addiction of this drug is its availability and the cheap cost.

Another sign of Ritalin addiction is faking of reasons or excuses to get the prescription of this drug. Many addicts can do anything to get this drug. If they don’t have money to purchase it, they will make excuses of feeling sick so that they get the drug. This is a show that they have been hooked up to an extent they can do anything as long as they get this drug.  This is a common drug that is used in schools and colleges where it is used as a study aid. Most addicts mix this drug with illicit drugs so as to experience pleasurable effects. When mixed with these other drugs it becomes so addictive that quitting its use becomes a hard task. This is why it is advisable to use only for medical purposes to be on the safe side.

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