Ritalin Addiction Symptoms


Ritalin Addiction Symptoms

Ritalin is a prescription drug that is prescribed for people who are suffering from ADHD or ADD disorder. This drug is used by learners who don’t concentrate in class. It helps them to concentrate and be focused in their studies. It makes the learners read with ease. This is a common drug in the black market where it is easily gets into the hands of the teenagers. This is recreational drug that is so addictive.

Ritalin contains amphetamines which is a very addictive component. This is what makes this drug addictive. This stimulant has the same effects like those of cocaine. If taken in large quantities, Ritalin acts on the central nervous system of the brain to give the user euphoria feelings. This is what makes most people get addicted to this drug. Most of the addicts take this drug snorting, smoking or injecting it into the body stream.

If Ritalin is used as directed by the medical personnel it will not have any effects on you. However, when abused, Ritalin can have very bad effects on the health of the body. The first effect of this drug is addiction. This is a clear sign that your body is getting used to this body. When you are addicted it becomes difficult to do your daily activities without stimulation from this drug. Most addicts will need more of this drug to feel the same effects. This is a common experience especially at the stage where the body has developed tolerance.

Intake of more dose of Ritalin to have the same feelings as before is a clear indication of addiction. When this drug is used for a very long time, it leads to tolerance. This is a state where the body the body yearns for large quantities of this disease to give you euphoria feelings. This symptom is the same even in addicts who use drugs like cocaine and heroin.

People who are addicted to Ritalin can do anything to get this drug. They can go a mile ahead to steal this drug if they don’t have enough money to buy it. Ritalin is a drug that is used as a study aid in colleges. It is common during examination periods when learners read all night long. It is able to make learners feel more alert than when they use caffeine. Some of the addicts can fake sickness symptoms to get prescription of this drug.

People who are addicted to Ritalin can ditch their school, job, and responsibilities to use this drug. This is a show of strong addiction. It is a common practice among long term users who cannot do minus it. Addicts of this drug will also experience mood swings and lack of sleep. This will depend on the amount of this drug that is in their system. The abuse of this drug can also lead to altered sleeping patterns. Other symptoms include panic, anxiety and aggression. Some addict can also experience disorientation and irritability. These are the major symptoms of abusing this drug.

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