Ritalin Addiction Withdrawal


Ritalin Addiction Withdrawal

Ritalin is a prescription drug that was specifically manufactured to help people who are suffering from ADD or ADHD disorders. These are people who are not able to concentrate in their daily activities. They don’t get focused in what they are undertaking. If this drug is used legally, it has no side effects. The modern world has seen many people especially the teenagers and youths use this drug illegally. The long time use of this drug illegally can have bad effects on the body. If you use this drug for long and then try to quit, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be severe or mild depending on the gravity of addiction. Those addicts who have been using it for a long time will experience severe symptoms.

The major symptoms of Ritalin addiction withdrawal will include heart rhythm, depression and fatigue. Ritalin is a drug that is prescribed to treat ADHD or ADD. It is a legally licensed drug that is readily available in pharmacies. If this drug is used out of the medical field it can be very addictive. There are a number of youths especially those in colleges who are abusing this drug by using it as a study aid. They administer this drug into their body through different ways. Some smoke it, others snort it while the bold ones crush it, mix with fluids before injecting it into their body systems.

If you have got used to this drug and then you stop, you will experience the pangs of withdrawal symptoms. They are painful symptoms that will need you to be strong to battle with them. Withdrawal symptoms are one thing that makes many people opt to use this drug than to quit. Some of these symptoms can be so severe hence may tempt you to relapse. It is good to be dedicated and determined so that you quit the use of this drug completely.

Many addicts who have got away with Ritalin addiction have complained of extreme fatigue. This is because the body has no stimulant. When Ritalin gets into the body, it stimulates one to give euphoria feelings. When there is absence of this drug, the body will tend to be weak and tired. You will have to take more of this drug to feel energized again.

Another withdrawal symptom is depression. This is one symptom that can be severe. In extreme cases, it can make people contemplate suicide. Many people who have used this drug for long always fear quitting due to depression. To cope with depression, you need to be strong and have support.

Some people who want to quit Ritalin addiction do experience changes in heart rhythm and high blood pressure. These are life threatening symptoms. They are uncomfortable and need one to be strong to cope with them. If pregnant women use this drug, their babies will experience withdrawal symptoms. If you are a pregnant woman, it is advisable to consult health care providers before using this drug.

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