What Is Ritalin?


What Is Ritalin?

Ritalin is a name given to a prescription drug methylphenidate. This is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system of the brain to stimulate it. The effects of this drug are the same as those of caffeine. It is a drug that is prescribed to people who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The operating mode of this drug is boosting the level of dopamine production. This is the chemical that is responsible for keeping people alert and focused.

When Ritalin is used illegally it can have bad effects on the users. It can lead to suppressed appetite, euphoria, hyperactive, anxiety, and aggressiveness. It is one of the commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States of America. Many people especially the youths are diverting this drug from it medical use to start using it as a recreational drug. The easy availability and cheap cost of Ritalin is what has led to a rise in its abuse. This is a drug that can be easily obtained from friends, peers and family. Many of the people who have been legally prescribed with this drug are now selling it or abusing it. Some addicts have gone a mile ahead to steal this drug.

Ritalin can be administered into the body through three ways: snorting, injecting or smoking. It is first crushed to form a powder. This is the one that can be mixed with other illicit drugs before it is snorted or smoked. It can also be mixed with liquids and then injected into the blood stream. Whichever the means use to introduce it into the body, Ritalin abuse is not good for the body.

Ritalin is a drug that is common in colleges and other leaning institutions where it is used as a study guide. It is used by students to keep them awake for long. It keeps them awake and focused to read for their exams. The prolonged use of this drug leads to addiction. It is a very adductive drug that once the body gets used to it, it is hard to quit. It will take the intervention of professionals to quit.

When Ritalin is used as directed by the medical personnel, it does not cause any negative effects to the body. It is safe for use by people who have signs of ADD or ADHD. Individuals who have this problem have found this drug so effective in helping them live a normal life. To avoid becoming a Ritalin addict, it is good to use the drug as directed by your physician.

Individuals who are addicted to Ritalin are at high risk of suffering from several complications like cardiovascular complications and psychotic addiction. Those addicts who inject this drug into their bloodstream are likely to suffer from lung and liver diseases. This is because the insoluble particles are likely to clog on body organs. Those who share injection needles are likely to be at risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS.

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